Noor Al-Sabah Company for medical, laboratory instruments and supplies (NSC)was established in Amman-Jordan in 2006, to represent the leading medical and laboratory instruments as well as bringing scientists experiences to provide ultimate care and diagnostic tools in Jordan and the Middle East.



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  • NSC structure is continuously growing to satisfy the portfolio and financial growth, and continuous development and improvement of services to satisfy customer and market demands and to excel in everything we do.
  • NSC main logistics' and Distribution Centre is located in Amman, Jordan. It is geared to provide full logistics support and distribution services to the company's divisions it is fully equipped with climate control facilities and reliable safety installations.
  • NSC sales and marketing teams are proud to be a real"brand builders "in our markets. We were able to strongly establish all the companies and brands that we are marketing, and have succeeded to occupy leading positions for most of our brands.
  • NSC insure compliance with all registration requirements ,we have established a highly qualified, dynamic and flexible teams that is able to continuously follow up on updated requirements and needs and that has excellent professional relationship with decision markers at relevant authorities based on mutual trust and aiming to assure optimum collaboration.


Our services are build and designed to grantee the best business and benefits for all interested sides, we believe in close consultation with our customers to be able to cover full range of customers expectations and requirements.

That is why installation, constant follow up, maintenance of medical equipment, best after sale service, availability of our products in the stock, always on call for troubleshooting, our qualified technical and support team are available for training, troubleshooting, after installation and anytime requested.


  • NSC is committed to deliver the promises of providing the best diagnostic tools and instruments to upgrade patient's life accompanied with professional, efficient services and markets update that grantee the highest quality products.
  • Our strong passion to the field will deliver our promises with entrepreneurial flair and professional execution.
  • Our corporate philosophy rests on:
  • Taking a long term view of all our businesses and building strong partnerships with our principals as a corner stone for our growth.
  • Striving to be an agile, cutting edge organization, focused on understanding and satisfying diverse consumer needs in the region.
  • Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others that is why we are always alert, updated, and hard worker for our field aiming to fulfill our goals of faciliting the ways to predict, diagnoise, monitor disease to grantee the life that our patients are looking up to.
  • Science updates, open minded to any positive change, our dedication and determination for our field, customers and patients are our keys of success.


  • Shemisani-Prince Shaker Ben Zeid ST.Building Number28,
  • E-mail: Sabah@nooralsabahco.com
  • Phone: 00962 6 5662366
  • Fax : 00962 6 5662355


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